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Selected Quotes:

"Before contemplating the creative sophistication and attention to detail Anna Laura Quinn brings to 'Open The Door,' one can simply embrace the inherent delight of Quinn’s vocal timbre."   
Kira Grunenberg, Downbeat Magazine
“Her selection of tunes is impeccable, as his her arranging.”
George Harris, Jazz Weekly
"Anna Laura Quinn’s debut album doesn’t sound like the work of an ingenue. Her first full-length release artfully threads the jazz needle, paying direct tribute to her formative influences while establishing her own winsome identity as a savvy vocalist and arranger with an appealing sound, unfailing taste, and expansive palette of influences."
Andrew Gilbert, Jazz Times

Reviews of Open the Door:

Jazz Journal • June 2022

Downbeat Magazine • May 2022

OffBeat Magazine • May 2022

Jazz Times • March 2022

Jazz Weekly • March 2022

Other Media:

Moonwax Radio Interview • KXSF

November 2022

(time stamp 29:25)

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